Advice On Choosing The Right ELD Companies

When it comes to choosing ELD companies which stands for electronic logging device providers, it become important to be aware that ELDs will soon become mandatory. With the ELD Mandate deadline looming, it is more important than ever to conduct the necessary research to find the right ELD provider. Some make the mistake of searching for the devices which are self-certified on the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). However, many of these devices might not match the requirements associated with the ELD Mandate.

The most important aspect to consider when choosing an ELD system and provider will be that the agency will not verify that their devices are compliant. To certify ELD platforms companies usually carry out their own test types and then make claims that they are certified as compliant. However, the providers on these lists may be potentially pulled down from the list as they are non-compliant.

Even the major providers of the ELDs, like AssetWorks have not yet made it onto the FMSCA list yet. Mike Koebel the Sales Director for AssetWorks Field Service states that they are currently cautiously testing and implementing their ELD products before they will register their products on the FMSCA website. They have more than 25-years in deploying fleet management-technology and in-cab mobile-computing devices, they already have a track-record in regard to success. They believe that they have the abilities to offer their customers with confidence in their products that will match up to the ELD Mandate requirements while providing added functionality.

There are a host of new companies that have emerged on the electronic-logging device markets in association to the opportunities linked to the ELD Mandate, but consumers need to take caution when choosing from the newer providers. Making a switch from paper onto the electronic logs typically takes a lot of time, while training drivers might come with its own set of challenges. For this reason, it is important to choose one of the ELD companies that can guarantee a customer-care team of the highest quality, such as Mobilizz or AssetWorks. In addition, customers need to feel confident that their provider of choice is stable along with providing support to their fleets many years into the future.

About Mobilizz

Mobilizz is an ELD company that tailor solutions that are specific to the needs of their clients. They have many customers that own custom-built plug-ins, integrated or add-on hardware or software which is created in a specific way for the individual needs of the client. Even though this company offers off-the-shelf solution, they still make sure that they are offering exactly what their customers require through customization.

Mobilizz is backed by just over 13 years of technical knowledge and experience in this industry. They are also aware of the primary issues that surround fleets of every type, which means they are able to offer immediate assistance without the need to learn the customer’s business first. They focus on guiding their clients through telematics-selection processes which includes identifying the main pain points.